Qualitative research and co-creation project for L’Oréal brand Niely to understand, in an agile way and with limited resources, the hair beauty routine of women with curly hair, their perceptions about the hair product ‘Manjar Finalizador’ and develop claims to communicate properties of the product.

// Objetive

To understand hair beauty routines of Brazilian women with curly hair.

To evaluate the performance of the hair product ‘Manjar Finalizador’ and the blind perception of users in relation to characteristics such as:
– Colour;
– Texture;
– Fragrance;
– Packing.

To check how, at what times and in what quantity women with curly hair used the product, as well as the result of its interaction with other products and procedures of the consumers’ hair beauty routine.

To develop, together with several areas of the company (laboratory, marketing, sales), claims to communicate the real properties of the product in an attractive and close-to-consumers language.

Methods & tools

– Recruitment of influencers
– Online group
– Focus group
– Co-creation workshop
– Movie maker

My contribution

– Contractor selection and management
– Development of research questionnaire and script
– Online group moderation
– Focus group moderation
– Data analysis
– Report development
– Video editing
– Research presentation
– Workshop design
– Workshop co-moderation


– Recruitment company
– Claims and Consumer Science coordinator
– Sales, marketing, social media and laboratory representatives
– External suppliers (venue, catering)

// Workflow

  • Creating a filter questionnaire to be used by the recruitment company to identify influencers.

  • Delivery of products for blind testing and moderating WhatsApp group with 3 influencers: they were responsible for recruiting 3 more friends and mediating contact with them.

  • Selection of the most engaged friends to participate in a face-to-face focus group with influencers: here the idea was to immerse into topics that were not clear during the online conversation.

  • Workshop design, selection of key participants for the co-creation process, organising the event and mediating a 5-hour claims generation workshop with 16 participants.

// Outputs

Claims workshop

Research report

Video summaries

List of claims

confidential content

// Impact

The project was a semi-finalist in the innovative methodology category of the Science Pops Beauty Awards 2017, an international internal competition from L’Oréal Research and Innovation.
Invitation to participate in the Niely Brand “Diva de Cachos” (“Curly Diva”) web-series to discuss the research process.


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