Rolé Jovem: Entendendo o perfil de comportamento dos jovens cariocas
Rolé Jovem
Understanding behaviour of young people in Rio de Janeiro
Mapping innovations developed to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic
Music Festivals for Projeto Pulso
Understanding the audience of music festivals and the interactions with brands in these spaces
Influencers Fast Track for L’Oréal
Implementing a new product research format to obtain faster results at less cost
Fluxos (Flows)
Using the city as a platform to display research data
Social Media Analysis for Seaside Scavenge
Identifying the audience profile and competitor’s positioning on social networks
Ingredients from Biodiversity for L’Oréal
Promoting knowledge of Brazilian biodiversity ingredients and engaging their use
X-Ray Study for My Place
Unveiling the fashion consumer, the products and brand profile she is looking for
Gestures Library for L’Oréal
Creating a visual database of non-verbal languages ​​used to talk about hair
Brazilian Lifestyles for Mintel
Using data analysis to identify opportunities and in the market
Sewing Senses for OESTUDIO
Developing a collaborative fashion collection
Bring Nature to the City for Múrmura
Using urban intervention to solve city problems