Trend report and quantitative research on the topic of migration, developed by research collective Lupa | cultural codes and partner researchers, that used urban interventions to display the results of the project.

// Objetive

To identify latent movements related to current migratory flows.

To measure how the topic of migration is understood by Brazilians.

To present the results of the quantitative research in a didactic, accessible and impactful format.

Methods & tools

– Desk Research
– Survey
– Google Forms
– Urban intervention

My contribution

– Project scope
– Team recruitment and training
– Workshop moderation
– Development of research questionnaire
– Data analysis
– Report production
– Project management
– Partnership development
– Communication and PR strategy
– Urban intervention design and execution


– Researchers
– Graphic/web designers
– Proofreader
– Photographer

// Workflow

  • Collaborative mapping of recent initiatives (companies and start-ups, products and services, marketing campaigns, etc.) related to the topic of migration.

  • Mediating a workshop with 5 participants to analyse and categorize the initiatives and identify the latent movements to which the mapped initiatives pointed, as well as the behaviour drivers behind the identified trends.

  • Development of a quantitative research questionnaire on the topic of migration and application of survey using an online platform.

  • Data analysis of 260 respondents and selection of the research findings to be shared.

  • Researching and adapting urban interventions references to the results of qualitative research, and mapping of places in the city to perform urban interventions.

  • Creation of graphic material and performing 4 urban interventions.

// Outputs

Research report

Urban interventions


Influencers Fast Track para Niely


Social Media Analysis for Seaside Scavenge