Qualitative research conducted for the NGO Seaside Scavenge, to understand the profile of the public that interacts with the organisation and the strategies adopted by competitors in the online environment.

// Objetive

To Identify the public that interacts with Seaside Scavenge’s social networks (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn), considering:
– Behavioural profile;
– Content of interest;
– Initiatives, projects and companies with which it relates;
– Engagement with the environmental cause.

To examine Seaside Scavenge’s online public contact channels and identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

To analyse the marketing/communication strategies used by the main competitors in their online channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube and Website) and identify practices that can be replicated by Seaside Scavenge.

Methods & tools

– Netnography
– Benchmarking
– Empathy Map
– SWOT analysis

My contribution

– Project scope
– Data analysis
– Report development
– Research presentation


– Marketing coordinator

// Workflow

  • Analysis of 100 random personal profiles that interacted with the content (liked, commented, shared) of Seaside Scavenge in the different social networks, considering posted content, pages/ profiles liked/followed/mentioned, etc.

  • Examining online channels from 4 Seaside Scavenge competitors.

  • Evaluation of Seaside Scavenge’s online channels and recommendation of positioning / content strategies to reach, engage and expand the audience.

// Outputs

Research reports

Audience affinity database

confidential content


Fluxos (Flows)


Ingredients from Biodiversity for L’Oréal