Qualitative research for the women’s clothing brand My Place with the aim of understanding its audience and their view on the products, the brand’s marketing strategy and analysing the competition.

// Objetive

To search for the behavioural traits, habits and attitudes of My Place consumers and prospects, as well as the target’s relationship with the brand.

To identify topics of interest to the target and the most appropriate language to connect to them.

To understand the target’s perception of My Place products.

To map the main competitors of the brand, identifying the similarities and differences with My Place and the best practices in the market.

Methods & tools

– Desk research
– In-depth interview
– Netnography
– Visual Anthropology
– Benchmarking

My contribution

– Client prospecting
– Study design
– Staff recruitment and training
– Development of observation and research scripts
– Interview moderation
– Data analysis
– Video script and editing
– Report development
– Research presentation
– Project management
– Contractor selection and management


– Researchers
– Videographer
– Graphic designer

// Workflow

  • Online mapping of locations and events that the brand’s target audience attends.

  • Conducting interviews with 50 women within the profile stipulated in the pre-mapped locations.

  • Visiting the home of 3 consumers of the brand to deepen the knowledge of the public profile, understand their wardrobe and when My Place clothes fit into the consumers’ routine.

  • Analysis of 25 Facebook profiles of women highly engaged with My Place page to understand content and language that connect with the brand’s audience.

  • Visiting 3 My Place stores and 3 competitor stores and analysis of the brand’s online communication platforms to understand the positioning of players and their practices.

// Outputs

Research report
Video summaries
Multi-consumer profile on Facebook

confidential content


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