Visual platform created for L’Oréal to identify and categorize non-verbal languages ​​used by Brazilian women to refer to hair and hair procedures.

// Objetive

To map non-verbal languages ​​(gestures) used by Brazilian women to refer to hair (shape, length, thickness, color, volume, etc.) and capillary procedures (nourishing, colouring, flat ironing, etc)

To identify non-verbal language patterns used, considering different consumer profile segmentations, such as:
– Different types of hair,
– Hair procedures;
– Demographic aspects (age, economic class, region, etc.).

Methods & tools

– Video research
– Visual anthropology
– Tumblr

Minha contribuição

– Project scope
– Platform design
– Video analysis
– Contractor selection and management


– Video editor

// Workflow

  • Analysis of videos of hair product evaluation interviews performed previously at L’Oréal to identify gestures used by the interviewees to refer to hair characteristics and capillary procedures.

  • Editing videos and creating gifs to allow easy visualisation of gestures.

  • Creation of an online platform with a collection of gifs categorised by different segmentations, allowing to understand gestures according to a specific theme, demographic or hair profiles.

// Outputs

Online gesture library

confidential content


X-Ray Study for My Place


Brazilian Lifestyles for Mintel