A institutional qualitative study developed by Brazilian research company Lupa | códigos culturais in partnership with marketing agency República with aim to produce a faithful portrait of young Cariocas (people from Rio de Janeiro city in Brazil).

// Objetive

To understand young Cariocas from different social classes and from all areas of the city, exploring their relationship with the city and with 5 pillars of the study:
– Education;
– Work;
– Relationships;
– Politics;
– Consumption.

To translate the behaviour of these young people into didactic and impactful content contributing to decision making in companies and businesses that serve this audience.

Methods & tools

– Ethnographic research
– In-depth interview
– Focus group
– Visual anthropology

My contribution

– Study design
– Development of research and observation script
– Interview moderation
– Influencers recruitment
– Focus group moderation
– Data analysis
– Report production
– Research presentation
– Project management


– Researchers
– Videographers/photographers
– Marketing/strategy professionals
– Graphic/web designers
– PR professionals

// Workflow

  • Mapping on social media platforms the city locations and events that young people from Rio de Janeiro attend.

  • Exploring the mapped scenarios to understand the social dynamics of these contexts.

  • Conducting interviews with 120 randomly selected young people in the scenarios mapped.

  • Identification of recurrent behaviour profiles among young people and the influencers within each profile.

  • Mediation of 5 focus groups at the house of each influencer with 3 more close friends, to understand the space in which they live, deepen knowledge about the research topics and give personality to the identified behaviour profiles.

  • Researching and selecting 4 professionals from different sectors that work with younger audiences and conducting in-depth interviews to understand their views on Carioca youth and latent opportunities related to this audience.

// Outputs

Research report
Tedx talk
Launch event
Promotional video

// Impact


views on Rolé Jovem website


study downloads


social media shares related to the project


people reached between events, articles in newspapers, blogs and social networks


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