Collaborative portal that brings together global initiatives, studies and theories on how companies, government and society are responding to the novel Coronavirus pandemic.

// Objetive

To map, filter and facilitate searches for innovative initiatives developed by companies, governments and society in different countries in response to the novel Coronavirus pandemic.

To aggregate studies and theories that help to understand the current scenario and the possibilities for the future after Covid-19.

Methods & tools

– Coolhunting
– WordPress
– Canva

My contribution

– Project scope
– Visual identity creation
– Website development
– Content creation


– Researchers
– Collaborators

// Workflow

  • Definition of the portal format, its research categories, project visual identity and website development.

  • Creating guidelines for content curation and research of initiatives using reliable sources of information.

  • Text production, layout and configuration of the content on the portal.

// Outputs



Rolé Jovem


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